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Reproduction Services

Scone Equine Hospital maintains a progressive approach to all areas of equine reproduction by continually adopting and adapting the latest information and techniques in the fields of broodmare management and assisted reproduction.

Our veterinarians are involved in all aspects of equine reproduction from broodmare and stallion pre-purchase examinations, preparing mares for service, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, monitoring high risk pregnancies, attending difficult foalings and stallion fertility assessments.

Advances in technologies such as ultrasonography, laparoscopy and laser therapy combined with developments in hormonal therapy and bacterial swabbing techniques mean that a number of mares which were previously unable to conceive or carry a foal to term can now be managed and deliver a live healthy foal.

Contact us to discuss the options for breeding your mare or stallion.

Routine On Farm Reproduction Procedures
Reproduction Glossary
Assisted Reproduction
High Risk Pregnancy Program
Reproductive Laparoscopy