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Podiatry Services

Equine Podiatry is the study and treatment of the horse's hoof and its ailments. The accuracy of the famous adage "no foot - no horse" means that podiatry is one of the most important branches of knowledge for the successful management and long life of all horses; whether they are companions, pleasure horses, weekend competitors or elite athletes.

Every horse is an individual and each horse's feet need to be managed according to how the horse is used and its level of activity. Breeding, conformation, injury and illness will also have effects on the development and structure of a horse's hooves.

Our team of farriers and veterinarians have a wide range of experience in managing equine podiatry cases. They understand what a healthy hoof should look like for the various ages, breeds and uses of horses. They understand the hoof's structure and function and how disease and injury processes affect them. They understand how hooves respond to exercise and how they grow and heal. They understand that all horses are individuals. They understand "no foot - no horse".

Our first step when patients come to us for podiatry assessment is to understand what the client expects of the horse. Once this is clear, the horse is assessed for conformation and the mechanical forces that are at work in its feet. The horse is then trimmed and, if necessary shod, so that it is balanced. Work can then begin to correct abnormalities and identify causes of lameness.

Whether a horse is a competitive performance athlete, a breeding prospect or a retired companion we recognize the importance of podiatry to their wellbeing and have veterinarians who are experienced and trained in this area.

Call us or come and visit The Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre to find out how we can help you and your horse.