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Scone Equine Hospital Award Excellence at Bain Fallon 2016

Scone Equine Hospital - Monday, July 25, 2016
Scone Equine Hospital Award Excellence at Bain Fallon 2016

Scone Equine Group had successful representation from its staff at the Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures again this year.

Phil gave three quality lectures on hindlimb lameness evaluations, sacroiliac injections and injections of the navicular bursa and coffin joint-all of his lectures were very well received. Phil received technical assistance from Dani, Phil Mcdeed, Edwina and ‘Rebecca’ in the generation of his lecture pictures and videos.

Ria gave a presentation on the utility of plasma lactate measurements in horses with colic due to small intestinal strangulating lesions - at a standard that any resident would have been extremely proud of.

Catherine presented on high creatinine values in hospitalised foals and the association with transient renal dysfunction.

Edwina demonstrated her talent in poster design with a poster presentation on equine dental disease (from her time in Mexico prior to joining Scone Equine Hospital) and a second poster describing a novel case of cystitis in a foal.

Niamh presented a poster on the clinical implications of high sodium values in hospitalised foals- she received a large amount of help from Edwina in her poster design and from Tina, Kayla and Lesley who searched and found a mountain of case files from the Clovelly records room.

Dr Joan Carrick provided statistical help to all of the presented projects. Cameron, Sam and Angus kindly took the SEG presenters out for dinner (and some drinks!) on the Sunday evening in St Kilda, Melbourne.

The following prizes were awarded to Scone Equine Group Staff at the Bain Fallon Gala Dinner:

Ria - EVA Young Members Group Poster or Abstract Prize

Edwina - EVA Clinical Case Based Poster Prize

Niamh - EVA Research Based Poster Prize

The prizes were $500 and an individual engraved glass memento.