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Anna Mitchell Off To USA in July

Scone Equine Hospital - Monday, March 27, 2017
Anna Mitchell Off To USA in July

Keen to pursue in her interest in reproduction, Anna Mitchell has been successful in obtaining a theriogenology residency at Cornell University, USA, beginning in July. It is a two year program, consisting of advanced training in multispecies reproduction. Anna is looking forward to developing her abilities by working closely with the specialists at the university, as well as getting stuck into clinical research and student teaching.


Residents in the USA are normally selected through The Match Program, whereby Universities and applicants rank each other to pair up suitable candidates with residency programs. Anna had been in contact with the University prior to this and was fortunate to have been given the opportunity.


After completing the residency, Anna hopes to become board certified in theriogenology. Anna has expressed that her heart definitely lies in private practice, so once finished, she hopes to take up a repro position in private practice, bringing with her additional skills and experience from the residency.


Anna will be very sad to leave SEH but is looking forward to the exciting opportunity that lies ahead. Having just acclimatised to 40oC Australian summers, she will now need to get used to the -40oC cold. After her two up coming New York winters, it is only imagined that she may well be desperate to return to sunnier climates on the horizon!