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New Study on Hendra

Scone Equine Hospital - Thursday, March 22, 2018
New Study on Hendra

A recent article published by Schemann et al in the Australian Veterinary Journal has found there is no evidence to suggest the Hendra virus vaccine affects Thoroughbred race horse performance. The study found from 4208 race starts performed by 755 Thoroughbred horses there was no statistically significant difference in performance in the 3 months prior versus the 3 months post Hendra virus vaccination. Racing performance was analysed using Time form rating, margin to winner, prize money earned, total wins and/or placings.

This study, the first to provide objective evidence regarding potential performance effects of HeV vaccination, concluded that there is no evidence of a measurable effect of vaccination on racing performance in Australian Thoroughbreds for the performance outcomes investigated. These results provide information that veterinarians can use to support evidence-based preventive healthcare recommendations and can assist horse owners in making informed decisions. Similarly, animal health authorities and regulators of performance horse sports may use this evidence to inform policy decisions regarding HeV vaccination.

Click on the link below to read the full study.

Hendra Schemann 2018 Hendra vaccine does not affect race performance