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High Risk Pregnancy Program

Helping at risk Mares Deliver Healthy Foals

Over the past five years, Scone Equine Hospital and consultant internal medicine specialist Joan Carrick have developed a successful monitoring program for pregnant mares similar to that used in pregnant women.

Mares at risk for developing Placentitis are monitored and treated intensively throughout pregnancy and undergo a supervised foaling by a team of internal medicine specialist veterinarians and nurses to ensure the delivery of healthy foals at full term and access to specialist care if it is required.

Funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and carried out by Dr Joan Carrick, this research has delivered successful results for mares previously considered to be problem breeders.

This procedure has significant benefits for the horse breeding industry with an increased number of healthy foals delivered by these mares. Before this treatment, mares at risk of Placentitis had a birthing rate of around 50%. The monitoring and treatment protocols involved in this program have increased this rate to approximately 90%.

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