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Rehabilitation and Recovery

Successful rehabilitation and recovery from injury requires a close working relationship between all members of the team responsible for a horse’s performance. The team is comprised of the horse’s owner, trainer, veterinarian and farrier.

This team approach is best achieved when everyone involved understands the time, financial and emotional commitments needed to maintain a successful performance horse’s career. Our veterinarians and farriers not only treat horses that have competed at the highest level, they also train horses and compete themselves.

Successful rehabilitation and recovery begins with an accurate diagnosis of the injury or cause of lameness. It includes ongoing assessment of the horse’s progress and involves an understanding of all of the factors which can help, hinder or complicate a horse’s recovery progress.

Our team approach is also an important component in the prevention of injuries and in the management of a horse to ensure a long and trouble-free performance career, (whether that career is riding for pleasure, as an elite athlete or at any level in between.)

Our goal is to understand the problem, create a team approach and develop a plan to optimise the rehabilitation of our patients to ensure their performance longevity.

Both rehabilitation and injury prevention require an understanding of the sporting discipline the horse is involved in, the level of performance the owner expects and the risk factors associated with these activities. Our veterinarians and farriers take the time to understand you and your horse.